April Updates – Round 2

We’ve been hard at work and we are happy to bring you these following changes.

Invoice Listing 1.0

We’ve added a new place to view all of your current invoices. You can quickly scan through them and see any outstanding payments. We’ve also made the invoices searchable using our global search. We’re planning on a major rehaul on our invoicing features. Stay tuned!

Pasted 8

Customer Portal: Mockup Viewing

We’ve made viewing mockups in the customer portal even better. Your customers can now click the images to enlarge and navigate through all the mockups. Best of all, it works great on mobile devices too!

Mockup Lightbox

Customer Portal: Persistent Login

We’ve always allowed your customers to click any link from their emails to automatically login to their portal. However, they have to do this every time they need to check their portal. We’ve changed this behavior. Now, when they click the link once, we will remember their session in the browser for them. The next time they type in your customer portal URL, they can continue their session.

PDF Bulk Actions

You can now select different jobs, shipments, and tasks to download their corresponding PDFs files all at once. We believe this simple addition can save you a lot of time.

Shipment List Page Bulk Actions

Bulk Purchase Order Creation v2.1

We’ve added new options to create a bulk purchase order from the Job list screen and the Task list screen. We believe this is going to be a time-saver for you!

Task Create Purchase Order

Try it today and let us know what you think!

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