Ship every order in bulk with FedEx

Start shipping any order via your FedEx account. Say goodbye to time-wasting CSV uploads - everything is handled directly in a single platform.


FedEx shipping management made easy with YoPrint

  • Simple to use

    It’s easy to connect FedEx to your YoPrint account— and easy to estimate and get all the rates to process your shipment.

  • Free Postage Label - No Extra Charges

    Our direct integration FedEx does not incur any charges for any generated labels. Feel free to create as many labels as you need to fulfill your orders without any constraints.

  • Real Time FedEx Parcel Tracking

    Seamlessly track your orders and packages inside YoPrint, without having to log in to your FedEx account or any other platform.

  • Estimate your shipping charges accurately everytime

    With Fedex integration, you can estimate your shipping charges with just few seconds. You can easily quote your customer on the phone, and increase your closing rates.

  • Process your shipments with multiple carrier

    YoPrint also integrates with UPS Shipping Carrier. You can process your shipment with different carriers should you need to. 


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