How To Respond To Undercutting From Competitors

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Competition is prevalent in any industry; it is only a matter of time before a competitor undercuts your business. If you don’t act fast, you risk losing customers to the undercutting competitor. To help you stay ahead of the game, here are some tips on how to react to your competitors’ undercut.

Reduce Overhead & Increase Efficiency

Undercutting by lowering product prices is not sustainable and can prove to be more harmful than beneficial to your business. You should carefully consider which costs you can afford to reduce, or risk compromising your product quality and lose money. What you could do is make some adjustments to your production strategy to reduce overhead costs. For example, using software solutions to manage your business and correspondence will not only reduce paper waste, it also reduces operational costs by increasing efficiency. By making adjustments to your production and operation practices, you can lower your prices enough to maintain a healthy competition with your competitors and be more cost-efficient.


One of the best ways to beat your competitors is by providing excellent service to your customers. Going the extra mile for your customers demonstrates that you care more than the competition, thus establishing and retaining brand loyalty. If your customer is selling merch, you can offer to wrap and pack shirts into individual bags for a small fee to make it easy for them to sell. Your customers will be talking about you and your business to their contacts, which could direct new customers to you. 

Competitive Positioning

When a competitor undercuts you, high chances are their product is of lower quality and they are cutting corners. You can use this to your advantage by showing customers how your products are a cut above the rest. By focusing on quality instead of engaging in price wars and smear campaigns, you will attract your target customers easily. 

To keep your print shop competitive, expect undercutting and react accordingly to it. Slashing your prices without a strategy will compromise your product quality and cost your business. By establishing yourself as the superior brand in your industry, you don’t have to sacrifice profits and quality to remain competitive and grow your business sustainably.