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Which To Buy? Brother GTX , Epson F2100, Or Kornit Breeze?

When you are purchasing direct-to-garment printers, you may feel that all the DTG printers are identical. Aside from print speed, consumable, and support, everything should be the same, right? In reality, these DTG printers are built to target specific business models. In this guide, we will go in-depth on how the Brother GTX, Epson F2100, […]

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Entry-Level DTG Printer Buying Guide 2020

Entry-level DTG printers are Epson consumer desktop printers converted to DTG Printers. Hence, they are also known as Repurposed DTG Printers. The DTG converter/seller usually buys these printers off Amazon and turns them into DTG Printers. To get the printer to emulate one-pass/two-pass white, they use third-party RIP software to trick the printer into printing […]

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