3 Simple Steps Any Apparel Decorator Can Take To Reduce Misprints

3 Simple Steps Any Apparel Decorators Can Take to Reduce Misprints YoPrint

It can be very frustrating to deal with misprints when you are making a T-shirt. Not only can it cost you time to correct them, but having misprints can also cost you money. However, there are several steps that you can take to reduce the number of misprints you have.

Step 1: Set Up Regular Meetings With Your Team

The first step to reducing the chance of misprints is to set up meetings with your team. This meeting can go over the details of the job to make sure that everyone knows what is going on. You can also use this time to allow the people on the team to ask any questions they may have. The leader should also make it clear that if there is any confusion, to ask during production.

Errors can also happen when people are feeling rushed and do not take the time to make sure that the shirt is aligned correctly. Many misprints occur due to misalignments, and this could be fixed by going slower and having proper training. So, always take the time during your regular meetings to establish reasonable timelines based on the needs of your team. You can also try incorporating illuminate lines on the shirts to ensure they are being placed in the correct spot and help avoid misalignment issues.

Step 2: Perform Regular Maintenance On Your Printing Equipment

If the color is correct, but the image still does not look right, you should start by checking the parts to the printing process. One area to double-check is the screens. You should make sure that you are using tight and properly made screens. Several other pieces of equipment could potentially change the look, such as the mesh or the squeegee.

Taking good care of the equipment could also help reduce the number of errors that you have. This starts by keeping the equipment clean and tidy. You should also start a preventative maintenance schedule to make sure the equipment receives maintenance when it is needed.

Step 3: Provide Your Team With Adequate Training

Another area that could help reduce the number of misprints is the amount of training everyone has. While many steps may be automated, there is still a need for highly trained staff. Some people on your staff will be really good; however, the rest of the staff will have different levels of training. It is important to have regular training, to improve the rest of the staff’s ability.

Dealing with misprints can hurt productivity and cost you or your client’s money. However, using these simple steps can help reduce the number of misprints that are occurring. These steps are only good in practice, however, so you need to make sure that these steps are implemented correctly to see the benefits.